Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whole lotta what's up.

I just had a lovely dinner out with my mom.  We rarely get to spend any time alone, catching up, so it was  really nice.  I mentioned I had blogged about some food issues today, and she was quite irritated when I said it was on my SparkPeople blog, not here.  I don't get on here enough.

Ooh, the Girl is scratching my back.  Lovely.

 Here are some pictures from the zoo - we went the day before school started. 

 Baby Camel!
This is my sweet potato niece, one of the twinlets.  Isn't she precious?  My face looks ridiculously large next to her sweet little face.  This was the first day of school - we took my nephew out for lunch after his (sniff) first day of kindergarten.

Anyway, the last few weeks have been busy busy - taking care of bidness.  My kids are playing soccer (Girl) and golf and baseball (Boy), which takes up plenty of time.  I've been working on Relay for next year (Relay For Life update - we made our goal for 2012!  Woohoo!  Gearing up for 2013!) volunteering for our school PTA, and working on some family stuff.  I've been trying hard to focus a little harder on my health and fitness, and trying to figure out my food issues.  I find I eat out of boredom and when I'm tired, and I nosh mindlessly.  I decided to tackle this subject with my therapist, we're working on mindfulness and replacing my mindless noshing with other, nonfood-related activities.  This is what I blogged about on Sparkpeople - my Sparkpage is listed over on the side in the links section if you're interested.  I'd love some good ideas for replacement activities.  I've been walking with a few friends, sweating plenty, but my eating habits are difficult to deal with. 

Do you notice that all the Disney Channel girls are, like, the same person?  And they all sing.  Do you think they all live in a commune or something?  Maybe they're bred and raised, like prize farm animals?  It's a little scary.

Have I mentioned my recent discovery and love for an author named Jen Lancaster?  She writes memoirs - really freaking funny memoirs.  I just finished My Fair Lazy; she discovers that her steady diet of reality tv (she spends some time discussing her addiction to MTV's The Real World, which amuses me to no end, since I used to love that show) has left her woefully unprepared to attend a dinner party with other authors she admires.  She decides to embark upon a cultural renaissance, or "Jenaissance" as she calls it, seeking out theater, music, classic books, and ethnically diverse foods.  One of the things I love most about this author, aside from her hilarious observations, is that she lives in Chicago.  Don't you love it when the author you're reading lives in a city you know well, so you can picture exactly where they are?  Anyway, read Jen.  Check out her blog -

'K - gotta go.  Have a spectacular night.


OCDee said...

suggestions for boredom eating replacements: knit with Dee, go for a walk with Dee, have a good conversation with Dee, drink some water (you can do that on your own,) read a book (again, something do to by yourself,) various crafting activities including making soap with Dee, scrapbooking (that's all Andrea.) There ya go!

Sang tu ngoc said...
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