Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today I'm Loving...

Ok, well my camera is still missing, which is infuriating, but everyone needs a little positivity, so here are two things I'm loving today:

1.  Gotye.  Yes, I know, I was the last internet-having person to hear "Somebody I Used To Know," but I've become enamored with this amazingly talented Belgian-Aussie musician.  Last night I listened to his "Fresh Air" interview from April 7, and he's so adorable and self-deprecating.  I'm kind of obsessed with this song right now (it's an older one) - the video is surreal.

2.  Jen Lancaster.  I read her novel "Wish You Were Here" a few weeks ago, and found it rather adorable.  Especially since it's based in Chicago, and she has a slight obsession with John Hughes, and thus is totally relatable.  This led me to check out her memoirs, which so far are hilarious, and her website.  I'm pretty sure we're going to be besties, friends, so check out her website: http://jennsylvania.com

3.  Relay For Life of Boone County hit 40 teams!  I've shared that I am one of the chairs for this event, right?  Woohoo!  My own team is doing our own fundraiser this Friday afternoon (last day of school) - we're holding lemonade stands in our various neighborhoods.  So if you're in the Union area, please visit a lemonade stand in one of the subdivisions here. 

Not a long list, I admit, but I'm really loving them.  Now I'm going back to perusing various blogs while listening to songs suggested by Tish from Fit Bottomed Girls on YouTube.  I need some new tunage for my workout playlist.