Sunday, May 20, 2012

Me, when I'm not feeling so nice.

I really try to make this a positive-ish blog.  I like to think I'm a nice person.  Sometimes to the point of detriment - I'm extremely non-confrontational, which I think may be a small part of the cause of my panic attacks.  Unfortunately, those things that irk me that I refuse to say out loud tend to fester in my brain as I dwell on what I didn't say.  So, here are three things I didn't say out loud this weekend, and they have been living, rent-free, taking up space in the prime and not-so-plentiful real estate of my mind, causing some mild anxiety and a little trouble sleeping:

1.  Why does my daughter have to prove herself more than the boys on her baseball team?
I may be a little sensitive on this one, but my Girl has been playing on this team for three years, has rarely missed a practice or a game.  She has put in her time, and she truly holds her own.  Admittedly, she has not been hitting her best, but neither have the boys on the team.  Anyway, she is a pitcher, and a pretty darn good one at that.  But the coach will not put her in.  He let her pitch one inning of game against an undefeated team a month ago, and right before she went in, he warned her, "you better not walk anyone."  Yeah, coach, no pressure or anything.  He never says anything like that to the boys on the team.  She did walk two players, but the inning was scoreless, in part because of her playing.  This past weekend he told her if she practiced Friday she could pitch Saturday.  She practiced, and we played the best team in the league Saturday.  He relieved our starting pitcher with a boy who has pitched once before (and walked most of the players) and our slowest pitcher.  He told my Girl that she walks too many people.  He also stuck her in the outfield (she's one of the best fielders on the team) and sat her two innings - he sits her more than anyone else on the team.
I will admit, her attitude has been less than stellar lately.  She wants to play softball, and each game the coach refuses to pitch her pisses her off a little more.  But she apologized last week for her attitude, and she puts in her time.  I feel she is being treated unfairly, and I am so so glad there are only 6 games left in the season. 

2.  Why do the teenagers in this neighborhood have to travel from house to house by golf cart?
We do not live on a golf course.  We do not even connect to a subdivision on a golf course.  Our neighborhood is only a couple of blocks.  And not one of these teens are licensed to drive.  Why, oh why do their parents give them a golf cart to drive around - on roads, on sidewalks?  I thank the lovely teens who kept coming back to buy my cake pops at our Lemonade Stand Against Cancer the other day, but seriously, they were only traveling a block at a time.  Is riding a bike really that taxing? 

3.  Yes, your ass is smaller than mine.  Congratulations.  Now tuck it back in your miniscule shorts.  I'm so sick of seeing asscheeks.  And summer has only just begun. 

Ok.  I'm not going any further on that one, I think I ranted enough on number 1.  School is out and I will take tons of pictures to post so as to keep my blog a little sunnier. 


OCDee said...

ok ok, I'll put my ass cheeks away for you darlin'! Srsly, I love your brain & anything that festers in there needs to get out.

Sang tu ngoc said...

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