Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Break - and the adventure begins!

I haven't really felt inspired to post this week, but I do feel like catching up, so here goes:

This was the first week of summer break.  We ran around a lot.  My mom is having injections to control back pain, so I took her to that.  The kids had friends over Thursday.  Had my MOMS Club Annual Banquet Wednesday night, which was a lot of fun.  We played Bunco, drank wine, and generally had a great time.  I love those lady friends of mine.  We've never tried Bunco as a MOMS Club activity - I don't know that anyone got drunk enough to really stand up to the other times I've played.  No shots, nobody calling anyone else a wh***, and nobody peed on the floor.  Pretty tame, I guess.

Relay For Life is less than 2 weeks away!  We had our final committee meeting Tuesday night to settle up some last details, and honestly, I was more stressed after the meeting than before.  At that point we had no DJ, but Friday I lined one up, and feel much better about the whole thing.  This is going to be an incredible event - we are already hitting goals and making money, and I think it will be a blast.  If you live anywhere near Boone County, KY, I hope you come out to Relay For Life on June 8-9, 7PM-7AM, at the Florence Freedom stadium. 

My birthday is in less than a week and my scrumptious man got me a new camera.  I've been complaining that my daughter's camera is better than mine, and apparently he was listening.  That's two good presents in a row, how on earth can I match that?  Here is a picture with my new camera.  I can't store more than 5 on the camera itself yet, so I'm waiting on a memory card.  Of course, my husband has to order everything online instead of going to a store, so I have to wait.  The same with my coffee maker.  Oh yes, didn't mention that did I?  My coffee maker broke down last Saturday.  I haven't had coffee in a week.  And rather than going out and getting one, which would have been easy and cheap enough, he had to order one on ebay.  So I'm still waiting.  I will be visiting my mother in a few minutes - I need coffee and she has some.
My goofy girl
Yesterday was Husband's birthday.  I got him a chair for baseball games (his old one broke, and this one has lumbar support for his bad back!)  And a pizza.  I feel pretty lame.  He's so hard to shop for - if he wants something, he gets it for himself, and he rarely really wants anything.  The stuff he's into - computers, sports, comic books - I know nothing about them, and the only thing he gets excited about is saving money.  The other day I went to get my brakes fixed, and the guy (CarX on U.S. 42 in Florence, they are great!) said my brakes were fine, and he could fix the squeak and charge me money, or I could deal with the squeak and be perfectly safe.  I told my husband about my $200 save as part of his birthday present. 

The kids are leaving for camp on Tuesday morning.  Yes, both of them.  My father-in-law asked me how I will cope without them here.  Ha!  I said I will cope just fine.  I would very much like to redo the Girl's room (I did the Boy's last year when he was at camp.)  She says she wants it to look like "an ocean breeze."  All I've got right now is that I will paint the walls blue.  That's the hardest part, so I'm not too worried.  Of course, it's going to take a good amount of time to prep, so hopefully I can finish it in time - there is a wallpaper border and she is a messy chick.  Wish me luck!

Ooh, I finished a really great book last night!  Or this morning, around 3AM, actually.  Divergent by Veronica Roth is a story about a 16 year old girl, Beatrice, in a dystopic society (based in Chicago).  Society is separated into factions, each of which is devoted to a particular attribute: selflessness, bravery, honesty, intelligence, and peace.  At age 16, each person is tested to determine which faction they belong in, and then they choose where they will spend the rest of their lives.  Occasionally, the results of a test will be inconclusive, and that person is a "divergent" which is considered a danger to the society they've built.  The premise is a little like Hunger Games, but the story and characters are completely different.  There is a romance involved as well, and it is very well-written, to the point I felt very deeply for the characters.  Thank goodness it's a trilogy, I'm on the list for the next one.

That's enough for today - enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.  My baby brother was recently deployed (3rd deployment) to Afghanistan. He has a wife, two boys, and a baby on the way.  If anyone who reads here is a veteran, or has family currently overseas - thank you so much for your service. 


Donna said...

Your Bunco nights are obviously way mine's not the age of my group, as there we're a cross group..similar to how the FLYgroup is.

I love her idea for her bedroom...good luck with it! I'd be out on vacation, though, if my kids were both gone.

And...congrats on your new camera...ENJOY!!

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