Monday, May 14, 2012

Movies and mayhem

So I've misplaced my camera.  Which is driving me insane.  I feel like I should tear the house apart looking for it.  What's funny is I was complaining about the fact that I tend to not take as many pictures as I'd like to, and now that my camera is missing, I see something every few minutes I'd like to take a picture of.  And my son's 15th birthday was last week, and I didn't get a 15th birthday picture.  Boo.

I've been feeling better and better each day.  Wednesday morning I woke up around 5AM shaky and needing to MOOOOOVE.  I tried to get back to sleep for a little while, but then I just got up, got dressed, laced up my running shoes and went outside to walk a few miles, fast.  I even ran a little.  I didn't feel great after, but a little later I felt a LOT better.  So each morning I've woken up with the crazy adrenaline rush, I've exercised.  The trick is keeping up the moving as I feel better.  Especially since I know all the movement will help me feel even better in the long run.

My Girl hates playing baseball now.  She's been playing a few years, but she decided this year she is sick of playing with the boys and she wants to switch to softball.  Of course, I told her she had to wait out the season, since we already paid and the team was counting on her.  So every practice and game is like torture for everyone, watching her sulk on 3rd base.  The whole tragic affair came to a head yesterday when her bad attitude irritated husband to the breaking point, and they both came home yelling at each other.  I had to put on my mediating hat and talk them both down.  And then inform Girl that we all know she doesn't want to be there, she has nothing else to prove, and she's only making it bad for herself, so she may as well try to enjoy it, learn from it, and it will be over in a month.  I think...maybe...I have gotten through.  Why are my children so dramatic?  Aren't siblings supposed to be different in temperament?  Because both of mine are extreme drama queens.  I'm pretty sure that's not fair.

I just finished watching "Crazy Stupid Love."  Sigh.  It was fine, but I have to admit I was expecting a little better character development.  Ah well. 

Oh, and since I wrote in my last post about needing to work, I've applied for 3 transfers withing the school district, and two other jobs.  Fingers crossed...

Ok, so I'm going to meditate and then go to sleep so as to wake up and tear apart my house looking for my camera.  Wish me luck!