Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank*ful Thursday - Holiday version

1. Saw a decent movie with my stud the other night - Serenity, based on the Firefly series. Now I want to watch the series.

2. Got a huge new pile of books from the library today. Let the vacation reading commence!

3. Woke up uber-early to finish my shopping this morning before work. Didn't find the gift I was looking for, but did get all the makings for Christmas dinner, and for fudgy gifts.

4. FOUND the present!

5. Finished all my wrapping today...and I have tomorrow off to drink coffee, read...oh, and clean.

6. A cuddle with my kiddles before bed.

7. My mama is out of the hospital. Yep, we had to take her in Sunday night - she was having chest pains she thought might be a pulled muscle, but she wasn't sure, and we just don't mess with chest pains. The experience, while familiar, was not comfortable - they were in the ER from 11PM to 8AM before they finally put her in a room. She didn't actually get to see a doctor until 8PM! The good news, though, is that she did not have another heart attack, and while they may have detected a leak in a valve of some sort, it is something they can test after the holidays, and apparently, may be treatable by medication. So, keeping fingers crossed.

Here is our favorite Swedish winter guy - the Tomten. I love that he has a goat.


Jonathan said...

sounds like an overall good day!. sorry to hear about the police incident yesterday. If you have Netflix, they have the firefly series streaming. Alison and I also finished our Christmas shopping this morning, and spent most of the preparing our Christmas eve meal, which of course is all types of delicious treats. Mostly unhealthy foods from our childhood memories. Ah nostalgia!! So i was on Wikipedia last night researching the origin of the modern day Santa Claus, (i wiki often for anything that pops into my head.) Anyway the goat is the Yule goat, the original gift bringer of Christmas for Nordic countries. He was replaced by the tomten in the late 19th century. 5 points for me! so I can't wait to watch the boys rip into there gifts tomorrow! it's going to be good memories. Randy had a little musical concert at school we have videos post on my profile. Merry Christmas I love you!! Jon

A girl and three boys said...

Tomten has a goat...he sounds like he could be Mexican. Well, wait...I guess we're more "chicken" people. Anyhow, I'm thankful for you :)

Amie said...

I guess a Christmas Tomten is better than a Christmas Ton-Ton...