Thursday, July 1, 2010

8 Things: Simply Summer

The *8 Things I simply MUST do this summer:

1. Smell like coconut-scented sunblock and swimming pool.
2. Drive with the windows open and the music turned up loud.
3. Take the kiddles and tent out camping - even if it's only in the backyard.
4. See my scrumptious niece turn 1(!) Spoil her rotten for a few days.
5. Pick blueberries
6. Take a nap on the back porch.
7. Stay up late talking and laughing with friends.
8. Snuggle with the girl on the lounge in back, watching the night sky.

And you? What will you be doing this summer?

Something Rachelle over at Magpie Girl does. I love a good list.

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