Friday, July 16, 2010

It's been way too long

since one of my rambling, thinking by typing - kind of posts. So very much has been going on lately, so very much to think about. Work is still work, I enjoy my job, but still have to drag myself out of bed each morning. Baseball is over, hallelujah, at least for the time being, as it starts up again next month. Add to that Monkeybutt is trying out for the high school golf team, and the Girl will be playing soccer...I see lots of practices in my future. Speaking of the Monkey, he is going to 4H camp next week. He looks forward to this every summer. It is summer camp the way I remember it - canoing, swimming, hiking - outside stuff. While he's gone I intend to strip the monster truck wallpaper border he's hated since we moved in and paint the room. Orange. He wants an orange room. So last night we were going through clothes and books and getting rid of stuff, which made me realize I have been avoiding his room for way too long - a thick coat of dust covers everything. I'll dust it before I paint, I have to, but then he starts dusting darn it. No wonder his allergies are so bad. He has asked me to hang green bamboo shades at his window - the sun shines right on his bed in the morning. Haha - that's what he gets for sleeping past 6AM. Tonight I am going to Zumbathon - a friend of mine teaches it, and asked me to attend. 2 hours of Zumba and then sangria. Ole'! Of course I will be the fattest and least fit person there, so 2 hours should be...interesting. I do love the Zumba, though. Tomorrow we will be going to Stud's company picnic, Sunday will be scrapbooking and dinner with family, Monday is dropping off the boy to camp, meetings and lunch with a friend, plus painting, hopefully. Tuesday includes more painting, a cake tasting with my sister, and a Mom's Night Out. Oh, and one of my first friends from around here is moving away next week, so we have to try and figure out a time to party hearty and hale before she goes. Family reunion next week, too. Crazy lazy summer here. Ooh, and last night I was watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent with my brother, and the killer was one of those goofy goth-like guys - but then they showed him with the makeup and fake fangs off, and he was seriously yummy, check him out:

His name is Matt Burns and I'd like to go after him with a spoon, isn't he a cutey?

So that's it for today. I should probably go back to work. Ick, what song is this? I love the Shins, but I'm not caring for this bizarre, calypso-sounding song. Must skip - The Smiths? Now I have regressed to middle school.

Have a fab weekend!

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Amie said...

He IS quite the tasty morsel...