Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday, sweet Readers. I do hope you've enjoyed your day.

1. Free baseball tickets. The kiddles, my darling little sister K, and I watched the Reds get womped by the Padres today (the Monkeybutt entered my name in a drawing, and I won 4 tickets to today's game. I love winning prizes, and I so rarely do. Rock on, Monkeybutt.) It rained for 4 innings, and a lot of people left, but we had a great time, even though the Reds lost. Brutally. It was a pretty sad game. Anyway, we, as a family, are most definitely Cubs fans, but we'll root root root for the home team, as long as they're not playing our beloved Cubbies.

2. How lovely was it to come home (very damp) to a new book in my mailbox. Amanda Soule's lovely new book, Handmade Home, arrived today, signed and ready to be relished (check out SouleMama's blog and books - the link is on the side, there, you see it.) She also wrote The Creative Family, which was such an inspiring and sweet read.

3. This past weekend, my Aunt C re-taught me how to knit. My good friend S taught me a few years ago, and apparently it is not like riding a bike - I didn't do it for a few months, and promptly forgot how. I spent last night watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and beginning a lovely fall colored scarf. How very much different it is to use bamboo knitting needles and real wool yarn - it actually feels nice to knit.

4. After listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's talk yesterday, I pulled out my Eat, Pray, Love book on CD, read by the author. I spent some time listening to it (for the 3rd time) while doing a little scrapping. How odd it feels to be cropping last Christmas this July...

5. We're going up to Chicago this weekend to visit my family. One sister gave me a baby niece a few weeks ago, and I must go nibble toes. Another sister will be in town, visiting from LA, and I am totally psyched (that's right, I said totally) to see her. It should be a fab trip, and I'm really looking forward to it. How very cool that all of this coincided with my Studmuffin taking vacation time - we can actually relax and enjoy ourselves. I will post some pics of the new punkin when I get back.

What are you thankful for this week?


jenica said...

i'm grateful for amazing friends that want to pay it forwards when they win something! amy just won the giveaway for the polaroid prints on my blog, but here's the kicker... she wants to share one of them with YOU. she saw your comment and she's hoping to give you the inspiration to come to new hampshire with us some day and "get a taste of the place and time and people who have changed my life so much." isn't that wonderful? ;-D

will you email me at jekinek (at) hotmail? i'll need your addie to send your prize.


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