Monday, July 27, 2009

My own summer list

I've seen a few of these "gotta do this summer" lists on other blogs, and I wanted to do one of my own. Of course, we only have 3 weeks left, so I'm cutting the list from 100 to 25.

25 things the kiddles and I will do before school starts:

1. Make popscicles (I've been wanting to try some new kinds)
2. Go camping
3. Ride our bikes to the library
4. Pick our fresh tomatoes
5. Make something summery and delicious from one of our kid's cookbooks
6. Paint outside
7. Hike a few new trails in the area
8. Read all together on the back porch
9. Go on a picnic
10. Have a bbq with friends
11. Make GORP
12. Visit the local farmer's market - try something new
13. Run a lemonade stand
14. Watch the meteor shower
15. Make ice cream sandwiches
16. Try a new salad
17. Visit the zoo
18. Pick blackberries
19. Make jam
20. Make smoothies
21. Play a lot of games (especially Scrabble - have I mentioned how much I love Scrabble?)
22. Go to a Reds game
23. Go somewhere in a boat - any boat (canoe, riverboat, it doesn't matter)
24. Go to an outdoor concert
25. Enjoy these last few weeks with my young'uns before they go back to the grind.

I love lists.


Amie said...

You could knock a few of those off in one fell swoop: make GORP and jam, and take both with you to eat on a picnic when you go camping, and while camping (bonus points for coordinating your camping trip with a meteor shower) you can hike.

Donna said...

well, thanks to your boy you can mark going to a Red's game off that list! LOL
How are you doing other than this one marked off??
I'm good at making lists....really, very poor at working them!!

Sang tu ngoc said...

tai iwin - iwin - tai game iwin