Friday, May 29, 2009

Pretty Peonies

My grandmother grew peonies. I thought they were the most beautiful flowers; big, fluffy, thornless roses. When I moved into my own house, I had to plant peony bushes. Only one of them is really blooming successfully, but they are lovely, and the fragrance is heavenly. And I love to snip a few blooms, inhale, and think of my grandma.


Donna said...

This is a gorgeous peony Missy!!

I had only one blossom this year from my pitifully struggling plant. It's about 15yrs old, but the drought these last couple years, along with neighbors planting shrubs that are shading it too much, are about too much for it. Scott brought home some transplants, but they're very unhappy, too. So, the one beautiful pink bloom was my only for this year.

Jenn said...

Beautiful pic!! My grandma grew roses and this year we decided we were ready to try some. I'm so excited... it brings back such great memories. Thanks for sharing!