Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yeah, I'm a geek. And?

This was an excellent day. I got a buttload of stuff done this morning (including mopping my floor, which I've been meaning to do for way too long.) I snuggled with the Girl Child. Got her on the bus. Went out, alone, bought a new mop (mine fell apart in the mopping extravaganza this morning. I'm apparently a pretty hardcore mopper, and my old mop couldn't take the stress.) Browsed a bookstore. Came home, made yummy dinner.

But here's the really cool part of my day. I got an e-mail update from a favorite author, Jennifer Crusie. She was going to be at the Joseph-Beth's bookstore in Norwood, tonight, from 7-10PM, along with Lani Diane Rich and Anne Stuart, talking about their most recent collaborative novel. Studmuffin told me to go ahead. heeheeheeheehee, I got to meet Jenny Crusie! She signed my book! I totally embarrassed myself by gushing over her, and the other two authors (authors are so more my kind of celebrity.) Lani Diane Rich has written some excellent novels as well, including one of my favorites, Maybe Baby (by the way, these are romantic comedy-type books, so if that is not your kind of read, you might want to skip this particular post.) I was pretty psyched to meet her as well. Anne Stuart has written several novels which I have never read, but when she described her hero from her Ice series as having been inspired by Alan Rickman, I knew I'd have to read her novels, as well. I even ran into the three of them again, at Whole Foods Market (we don't have one around here, so if I'm in Norwood I hit that one.) Jenny lives in Cincy - I could run into her again!

I know, I'm a total geek. I don't care. It made for a very cool day.

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Jenn said...

I like Jennifer Crusie novels as well. Great chick lit!! Glad you had the chance to meet her.