Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some more random musings:

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I hope all my darling readers had a sweet one. My mother (thanks Mom), who may, on occasion, be described as a saint, took both my children. The Studmuffin and I got funky, and then had my friend A and her husband over for dinner, and we had a wildly fabulous time. Admittedly, we do not often get together with other couples (this can be attributed to a few reasons: a. all of these couples also have children, and perhaps do not have access to such ready and willing babysitters as I do, and b. my husband is not exactly Mr. Social Butterfly.) But last night was a blast, with such highlights as good food, Catchphrase (at which my husband SUCKS, yeah, I said it, that's right), really good cheesecake (still waiting on that free cheesecake, Eli's manager guy...), and a lot of laughter. Like, side-splitting laughter. Anyway, after our friends left (probably to get funky on their own, we're not those kinds of friends), we watched Battlestar Galactica and then I got a bunch of stuff done. Including doing my taxes. I went back upstairs after, and informed Studmuffin of what I had accomplished and his response: "wow, dear. what a romantic you are. taxes on Valentine's Day." Funny, I had no thought in my head that he would mind. He's not exactly Mr. Romantic himself. So, for future reference: don't do the taxes on Valentine's Day.

I knocked a bunch of to-do's off my to-do list. I almost regret the fact that I didn't take pictures along the way, so I could share my amazing sense of accomplishment. I did my taxes, cleaned my craft area, made Valentines, repotted a very overgrown aloe plant, cleaned the entire main floor, cleaned the girl's room, cleaned out the cat boxes (wheee!), worked out quite a bit, did the grocery shopping...dude, I am so on top of things.

Right now I am listening to: this CD my brother gave me, Vampire Weekend. Totally digging it. They did a song on the soundtrack for Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, which had a pretty dull story, but the music was kicky. Actually the movie reminded me of something I would have loved as an alterna-geek teenager (like Heathers or Pump up the Volume - I loved me some Christian Slater), but as an adult all I could think was, "where are these kids' parents, and do they know their minors are out in NYC, running around, drinking, and having sex at 4AM?"

This morning, before we picked up the kids, the Studmuffin and I went to First Watch for breakfast. Now, I know a lot of people love their food, but I have to admit, I was unimpressed. We waited much longer than they told us we would have to (no big - no kids, after all), and then the food was...average. Maybe even less than average. We really need a decent breakfast place around here. We have IHOP, Perkins, Bob Evans and all, but back in Chicago there were all these yummy independent places to eat breakfast, like the Nest Cafe in Bartlett. Their food was worth getting out of bed and paying for. Up in Columbus, near my very talented and hip cousin, is a restaurant called Wildflower I have come to crave, even though I've only eaten there twice. Last time I got this French Toast made from challah, and I swear, I dream of it. I want a good breakfast restaurant, darn it.

Ok, so, all these people are having babies recently. Three of my favorite bloggers just had babies. Two of MOMS Club friends just had babies. Four more are pregnant. Another is making plans to adopt. I am feeling some bizarre uterus cravings? Don't tell Studmuffin. I'm sure they'll pass soon. In the meantime, I'll probably be asking to hold all your babies a lot. Take me up on it - a break for you. Everyone wins.

Alrighty. It's late, I'm tired, and this post is getting mighty long. Kisses and all.

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