Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fuzzy-headed rambling thoughts

I feel the need to post, but my head is a bit fuzzy (either my allergies are wicked bad right now, or I have a cold, which is kind of what I feel like is happening, and my sinuses are all nasty and I'm just feeling kind of cruddy...heehee, I do love a good run-on sentence), so this is going to be a bit "stream-of-consciousness"-like.
I was reading the blog of a friend of a friend, and that blogger has a friend who lost a butt-load (or more) of weight on SparkPeople. I joined a few weeks ago, but the last few days I've been participating a lot more, and I find myself wanting to do thing rights just so I can earn points and stuff. I mean, I drank lots of water today, and I logged my food intake. Go me. Do you know I burn over 1,000 calories mowing my lawn? You can look at my sparkpage if you want, I linked it to the left. Think thin and healthy thoughts for me.
Girlchild had 3 birthday parties to attend this weekend. THREE. She is quite the social butterfly. And I was quite the taxi driver.
I went to a Crop for the Cure-type event yesterday. I completed 6 pages. Not horrible. Could hav ebeen better. I would llike to start Ali Edward's "week in the life" project this week. I should probably put new batteries in the camera in order to do that. It looks like fun. It's over on her website, but I can still do it for myself, darn it.
My happy little soccer team lost their game today, but the score was 4-3. We played the team we lost to, 13-0 last time, so I think we have improved. A lot. The little annoying girl started crying again, and telling me if I had put her at midfield instead of defense, we would have won. It's all my fault. Little punk. I'm so glad she's 8 - I won't have her next season. I thought they did well. Well enough, the studmuffin and I are giving them a party after our last game next Sunday.
Um...I think that's it. I need to take loads of sinus relief drugs and go to sleep now. Have a happy Monday.


Donna said...

I think your idea of participating in that project for scraping is a fun idea...a whole week out of your life...and, it should be done more than once throughout the year...maybe quarterly? Specially since you have kids at home...things are always changing with them around.
Sorry you've had to deal with a cold....since you've not been regularly posting to keep us updated over on the chat site....I'm hoping you're well now??(like that little pinch?LOL)
AND...congrats on the're successfully getting me intrigued with them....others I know from chat sites belong there, too...not sure they're still there, but were last year. They LOVED it!!

hi_missy said...

I really enjoy it, and there are discussion groups for Everybody there.

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