Monday, October 27, 2008

Catching up...

Ah, so much to share, so much space in which to share it.

First...and my tail is between my legs here friends...I started taking pictures and preparing to do this "week in the life" project. I was all psyched about it. And then I stopped remembering to snap the pictures. And I had to clean the house for parties. And I started reading Brisingr (ohhhh...good book! REad it!) Yeah, I know, I suck. I'll do it sooner or later, 'cuz it looks like fun, but it won't be this week. Wanna know why?

  • My baby turns 6 tomorrow. Yeah. Six! I'm so old. Anyway, so I have parties to plan, cakes to back, pumpkin muffins to bake for school tomorrow, presents to wrap...
  • I went to the doctor and dentist today. I've had this wicked-a** toothache all weekend, and I was sure I had something lodged in the gum. Or a crack in the tooth. But no, nothing that easy. I'm a "clencher", which I knew, but apparently, following a marathon grinding session last week, I bruised the pulp in two molars. Sounds gross, right? Anything "pulpy" sounds gross. So I have to start sleeping in a bite guard and taking ibuprofen for the pain. Also, I have yet another case of bronchitis. I can't have a freaking cold without getting bronchitis. Hopefully, once I get all this weight off, I won't get it so easily.
  • Yesterday was my soccer teams' final (two) games. We lost the first one, won the second. After, we invited them back here for a pizza party. They worked so hard this past season, and improved more than any other team. I was very proud of them. They ate...a lot...and played in the backyard.
  • I had my first parent/teacher conference for the girl child today. Very glowing reviews from the teacher, much to my delight. Apparently, she is not the most talkative person in class. I guess she saves it all for me.
  • We went to the corn maze on Saturday night. Very good fun. Have I mentioned how much I love this season? Even with a toothache and bronchitis, I had a blast. I just coughed a lot.

Okey doke. I have to bake some pumpkin muffins and watch Heroes. Oh, our freaking TV lamp burned out. So I have to watch Heroes upstairs. Such inconvenience I suffer...


Donna said...

YAY!! Finally!!
It's impossible that she's 6 already!! She was just 3 a few days ago!! WOW! time surely does fly fast!!
WTG on all your baking and party projects!! Hope everything runs smoothly and she has the best birthday ever. I'm not surprised she got glowing references...she's a great kid.
You have bronchitis again??? sigh...I am ARE remembering to get tons of fluid down you during this, right?? Perfect weather to aggravate your lungs!! Hang tough...and take your meds!! Get your sleep!! Stop obsessessively clenching your teeth!!! That sure looks like a lot of s's....:oP

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