Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lalala, happy lists.

It's raining right now. I went out to take the garbage to the curb and could feel the earth sighing happily. It's blissfully cool and it smells so fresh. I came downstairs and caught up on one of my favorite blogs, Soulemama (check my links), and her most recent entry was talking about what she's loving right now. I love those lists, I make them regularly. So I was inspired:

1. My youngest cat is sitting in the windowsill right now, tail flailing about wildly as he stalks the birds looking for worms in our front yard. He is a trip and a half.

2. Soulemama's book, The Creative Family. I loved how calm and sweet it was, and the projects were inspiring. It motivated me to find some ways to add time for creativity into our lives.

3. Shadowbox Cabaret (Newport), and specifically, their cutie patootie lead guitarist. My sister turned 21 the other day and we celebrated there. We had a great time, and I drooled profusely. He's a wickedly talented guitarist. The whole troupe is pretty freaking talented.

4. My new owl stamp. I've been kind of owl-obsessed (in my crafting, not generally), and he has made his way onto everything from layouts to birthday cards to wallhangings.
5. Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I stay up way too late to catch up on the lives of Detectives Goran and Eames. I watch Logan too, but I am enamored with Vince D'onofrio's performance as the quirky Goran. I have never been one for crime dramas but some of my favorite chicks told me to check out some Law and Orders and CSI's. Yeah, I'm hooked. Thanks ladies.
That's good for today, I think. What are you loving these days?

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