Monday, January 7, 2008

A New Year!

Whoa, nelly, does time fly when you're having it's been more than a month since my last post. Sounds like I'm going to confession, right? But no penance for me, it's my blog, I can do what I want, darn it.


So, HI all my sweet, lovely readers, I've missed you all. It's been...chaotic, to say the least. First off, happy whatever lovely winter holiday you celebrate to all of you. My kids and I have fun celebrating several. The Girl Child had great fun setting out carrots for St. Nicholas' horses on December 6, and then finding the carrots gone and a basket of goodies in its place. We do St. Nick's day a little different...he leaves a basket of baking supplies and ornaments, as well as a new stocking for my mom, which she was pretty freaking thrilled about. Apparently, she's never had her own stocking. Who knew? Of course, now the Girl Child is convinced the gifts are left by the horses themselves. Ok, whatever makes her happy.

My dad turned 60 and we went to Chicago to celebrate that. My brothers and sisters went together and got Monkeybutt a WII for Christmas...the only thing he actually asked for...and they wanted to see him open it, so he got that early. I had told him there was no way he was getting it, they were all sold out everywhere, so it was a pretty wicked surprise.

We also played dreidel and told the Hanukah story and lit candles and talked about the solstice. I'm an equal opportunity reveler...I celebrate everything, as long as I know the story.

We celebrated Christmas with my nephew and his adoptive family (read: new, extended family) on the Solstice as well. We ate some wicked good enchiladas and carne asada, cheesecake (drool), opened gifts, and visited for hours. We are so blessed that they have become a part of our lives. The nephew is getting so big, and is such a joy to be around...he laughs at everything. He also eats everything, but that's another story.

Christmas day was...eventful. We had some unfortunate family stuff air out and dealing with that made for a rather miserable day. It was unfortunate, but probably not material for this blog yet...maybe later, another day, another year...Things are better, though.

The next day we left for Texas to visit my very most favorite friend, my Texas Toad. And my most very sweet goddaughter. Have I mentioned how sweet and cute and fabulous she is? I think this trip deserves a blog of its very own, and I don't have time tonight, so I will continue all this when I have another few minutes.

To sum up...happy holidays, Happy New Year, hectic, fun, very cute babies, WII. That will do for now. Good night, darling friends, and I will get on here again very soon. I swear. Pinky swear, even.

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Jenn said...

Glad all went well for the most part and is good now. Love the St. Nick tradition - very cool. I also love how involved dear nephew's family is with yours - a wonderful blessing to all!!