Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The stars at night...are big and bright...

You all remember the Alamo scene from PeeWee's Big Adventure, right? Deep in the heart...of Texas...Of course the Alamo is in San Antonio, a place I have never visited, although I'd like to. We did, however spend a week in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area with my very sweetest, bestest friend in the whole world, a woman I lovingly refer to as Texas Toad, or TT for short, as these aliases are getting a bit long to type.
Anyway, I've heard it said that Texas is a beautiful place...although I doubt they were referring to the DFW area. It's pretty much a big sprawling strip mall, from what I could see. And it is as flat as Calista Flockhart, bless her heart. (I say that now because I live in Kentucky, and that makes me southern, get it?) Anyway, I know flat, I'm from the Chicago area, and that is as flat as it comes. And pretty darn ugly. But that's another story for another day. At any rate, the DFW area is not what I'd call pretty, but the weather was pretty enjoyable for late December.
My poor sweet TT had to work some of the time we were there, and the rest of it, her poor lovely husband had to work. I got to spend a lot of time bonding with my sweet little petunia of a godbaby, and I think she liked me pretty well by the time we left. Watching Monkeybutt and Studmuffin bonding with her was even better...they were very cute. TT's son is my Monkeybutt's best friend, and everytime they get together, it is like they never left each other. It is really amazing how well they get along, when they only see each other twice a year. But they are best friends, and I can see that friendship lasting forever. It's pretty heartening. And I got to spend New Year's with my favorite friend.
All in all, a pretty freaking successful trip. Toad, thanks for a great time.

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Jenn said...

Glad you had a good time with your BFF!! I'm with you - TX is just FLAT.