Thursday, April 7, 2016

R2D4 - did you know Jay has a freaking baby?

My husband is watching Comic Book Men (reality show follows the employees at Kevin Smith's comic book store in New Jersey, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash,) and Jason Mewes brings his baby into the store. I'm a little horrified - someone let him carry a baby? Huh.

So, I'm 4 days into my second Whole30. Mild headache the second day, and I've been a bit tired, but apparently 1 month of debauchery was not enough to re-toxify my body, as I'm not feeling nearly as gross as my first round. It's been interesting - I've been doing this with a group online, and several of the other participants are on their first round. And they are complaining (they must not have a sweet supportive group of lovelies such as yourself to whom they rant,) so much. And one, the other day, was going on about how she hated the food she was eating and she doesn't even want to eat, etc. Every time someone suggested something to help, she would shoot it down, and be all, "no, that won't work, I just don't like that." And my judgmental self wanted to respond, "look, you can find all the excuses in the world to quit, or you can suck it up and find something that works."

Yikes. Who is that woman who wanted to judge. Luckily, she did not have control over my fingers, and I kept my comments to myself. Heaven forbid, someone starts getting on me when I miss a boot camp, or drink a pop when I say I quit. Not that I've had any pop this week - as I've said before, I'm an abstainer.

I haven't bothered blogging these first few days - I thought I'd be feeling crappy and boring. And do you really want to know everything I eat every day? Probably not. I figured I'd just share the highlights - I made "the easiest pork roast ever" - a pork roast (I use loin, due to my hatred of fat on my meat), 1/3 cup coconut aminos, and a bunch of the seasoning blend of my choice (I used Onion Onion by Tastefully Simple.) Cook it all day in the slow cooker - tasty. My potato of choice - microwaved red potatoes with a little ghee and crunchy pink salt. The best compliant chili ever from Today I got off early and went to Whole Foods for lunch - made a big-ass salad from greens, onions, roasted veggies, turkey, and balsamic vinaigrette. Since I'm not trying to eat stuff I hate, I've been enjoying this much more. I'm focusing more on controlling my snacking urges this time around. The last two days have been great, but I haven't worked out. We'll see how much hungrier I am when I am working out.

Also, today, I went by a friend's house to snuggle her 3 month old. I have visited this child 3 times, and every time, she sleeps the whole visit. I cannot get her to wake up. I am going to have to work on my material. Baby snuggles two days this week - I am a lucky lucky girl.

K, night!

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