Monday, January 19, 2015

A Sunday Post on a Monday

I love starting the week with a day off, don't you?  An extra day off to get the laundry done, have lunch with my kids, read my book...I took a later class this morning, and it was kickboxing on the bags, which is my favorite.  I split one of my knuckles today, which always makes me feel kind of bad-ass, but the knuckle I split tells me I was hitting the bag in the wrong place - I'll have to practice hitting things more.  Watch out.

I was going to start the week with a Morning - Noon - Evening post, inspired by Beauty That Moves, but I had things to chat about tonight, so maybe I'll start tomorrow.  My work days are so rigidly scheduled, the idea of taking a minute to see the peace in a regular moment appeals to me.  
Sure, I'll share my average workday with you:

4:20AM - Wake up, dress, water bottle, out the door
5:00-6:00AM - Boot Camp class
6:15-7:00AM -make COFFEE, pack meals and snacks for the day, shower, ready for work
7:00-8:00AM - commute, eat breakfast, drink COFFEE
8:00AM-4:30AM - working like a dog

Here's where things open up a bit - the Girl has volleyball twice a week and pitching once a week, and she starts a 3rd volleyball practice the end of the month.  Softball games start in April. Sometimes I have a book club or something.  I generally take rest days from Boot Camp the day after those.  If there is nothing going on, I go home, make dinner, get stuff prepped for tomorrow, clean the kitchen, etc.  I try to be in bed by 8:30PM, if possible. Reading will often happen.  My kids call me an old woman, since I'm rarely awake when they go to bed.  This does not bother me, although I did stay up past midnight on Saturday night, binge watching Criminal Minds, and enjoyed it immensely.  Because that's what an exciting individual like myself does on a Saturday night.
Ooh, here's one of my cats:

This is Bug.  She is the most cat-like of our cats - the other two are really dogs, I think.  She is the one who will only give you time if she feels like it, and she really hates to be picked up, as you can see here.  She is also diabetic, but she has been doing very well.  She has the prettiest blue eyes, and she's actually quite sweet.  Especially at 4:20AM, on a morning I don't have to wake up, when she jumps up on my chest and purrs in my face.  Her favorite things are beef jerky, the green plastic glasses from a Mr. Potato Head, ponytail holders, and racing me to the bathroom.

I have some tea, some gingersnaps, and a darn spooky book to read (NOS4A2 by Joe Hill), so I am going to take advantage of an unusually quiet living room.

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