Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 1 Recap

Time to recap week 1 ... ok, so we're already 3 weeks into the new year, but I started implementing my new habits this past week. Because I did, that's why.

Last Sunday I did Gaiam's Cardio Kickbox DVD. I was sitting around, doing nothing, and I just decided to get up and do something. It was a nice workout - good instruction, although I wasn't dying at the end or anything, like I tend to with Tae Bo. The moves were much more controlled.

Monday was 3 miles with Leslie Sansone. She's kind of dorky, but for some reason I like her.

Tuesday was the This is Tae Bo DVD. Tough workout, and less sleep than I would have liked, but fun. I like it when Billy Blanks looks right at the camera and tells me what to do. I like to pretend I'm punching him in the face. I may have more violent tendencies than I realized.

Wednesday I slept late, but when I got home, I did the 30 minute Crunch Dance Party DVD. Did not love this one.

Thursday I did two Sparkpeople Jumpstart videos and one Sparkpeople kickbox cardio video. All together it was about 35 minutes.

Friday and Saturday I was lazy. No workout at all, and I felt it.

Today I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and spent some time stretching.

I drank at least 80 oz water each day, which meant I cut back, a lot, on the pop. I also got myself a foam roller for Christmas, and used it for the first time on Friday night. My back sounds like a string of bottle rockets, and it hurts so good! I have a certificate for a month of free unlimited classes at a fitness center nearby, and I look forward to cashing that in, but I'm having trouble fitting the classes in. Need to figure that out.

It's amazing how quickly I feel the benefits of the extra activity this week. My mood has been so much lighter, and I've had so much more energy. This is also a good chance for me to go through my mass collection of workout DVDs and get rid of some - a lot, actually. I may have way too many.

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tautsforever said...

I started reading your blog just today! If I'm honest I am already in LOVE with it!