Friday, August 2, 2013

What? August already?

I have no idea where the summer has gone.  Total craziness.  The kids go back to school in two weeks!  They are not thrilled about this - the Boy has a bunch of summer assignments to finish up, and the Girl is just not ready.  Which cracks me up - about this time every summer I would be so excited about finding out my teacher and who would be in my class, and shopping for new school shoes with Grandma, and getting new supplies.  Oh my, new supplies.  I rather ranted about this subject yesterday; I am not mad about the expense, or irritated at the vast number of red pens needed (apparently, many mistakes will be made,)  but the specificity of the list is insane.  Where is the fun in having no choices?  1 red folder, plastic, two-pocket, prongs.  1 yellow folder, plastic, two pocket, prongs.  And so forth.  No Trapper Keepers with running horses and a different colored folder for each subject.  No spiral notebooks with pictures of owls.  I pout.  And I've already whined about this in a public forum.  So no more.

Of course, I can buy supplies for myself, in whatever color I please.  Because on Monday...ta da...I will be going back to work!  This is very good news, of course, as I have been looking for some time.  At my last therapy appointment (ooh, reschedule therapy Monday, gotta remember) I did have a little to say about how it's impossible to be looking for a job for any length of time and not start to suffer a severe self-esteem hit.  That afternoon I had three phone calls to schedule interviews.  This position is temporary, but it is also steady for a few months, and I look forward to beginning. 

Also have to get the cat into the vet for a blood sugar test.  Maybe if I make a list tonight, I'll be able to sleep?

We went to visit family in Peoria last weekend.  It was probably the most beautiful weather we've had all summer, and we did spend some of it outside, so it was lovely.  I'm ready for a real vacation again, though - I haven't been anywhere except Peoria and Chicago to see family in five years.  Oh, I did go to Nashville for two days last year, but it was for a conference, and we never left the hotel, so it doesn't count, darn it.  I'd really like to go to see the redwoods.  And San Diego, the Outer Banks, Maine, and the Grand Canyon.  I really haven't been anywhere cool.

My writing muscle seems to be in terrible shape, much like my other muscles.  Apparently, much exercise of many muscles must be performed - and then I will, once again, have terribly interesting things to say.  So I will check in again in a few days. Have a lovely Friday.

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Sydney Cutler said...

Keep it up- I know you can do it!!! Take it one day at a time :)