Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things I Miss - A List

Some items we picked up from our local flea market.  My husband has become quite the super-stoked picker.  I was just excited to find the Peanuts glasses.  Kool-aid just tastes better when drunk from a Peanuts glass.

When in doubt about what to write, make a list.  I'm feeling a bit nostagic today - probably the weather.  I've loved autumn, ever since I was a kid.  Having kids of my own means I get to experience some of that childhood glee again, but nothing is ever the same the second time around.  So here, in no particular order, are some things I miss:

1.  A new outfit for the first day of school
2.  Visiting small coffee shops with my college friends - you know, the ones with castoff furniture you can sit in for hours.  There was a place in Wheaton called Bean Wild...
3.  Getting real, handwritten letters.  My cousin and I wrote back and forth for years, and no e-mail thrilled me as much as those envelopes.
4.  The smell of my grandparents' house.
5.  The energy of my younger body
6.  Some of those friends I never see - Facebook just isn't enough
7.  My children as babies
8.  Telephone conversations that lasted hours.  I don't have the desire to sit on the phone that long anymore.
9.  Camping with my brothers and sisters
10.  My brothers and sisters
11.  Being able to stay up past midnight and not suffer for it.
12.  Portillo's and really good pizza from down the road
13.  Canoing small rivers in Wisconsin with my dad
14.  My old job
15.  Feeling like I'm really good at something
16.  That moment before your first kiss with someone
17.  Knowing I'm younger than all the other parents in the class (ooh, I miss that one.)
18.  Smorgasbord with my family on Christmas Eve
19.  Conversations with my Grandpa
20.  Possibilities, the kind you only can feel when you begin your twenties.

Please don't get me wrong, I am actually quite happy with my life - much more content than I was in my twenties.  Sometimes, though, a little melancholy nostalgia is a lovely indulgence. 

What are some of the lovely little somethings that you miss?

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