Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anyone could understand me freaking out about this...

Last week was the week from hell. Did you ever see that Star Trek: Voyager episode, The Year Of Hell? Maybe none of you are Star Trek fans, too bad for you, you're missing some pretty wicked stories, but anyway, a guy loses his wife and kids and starts messing with the space-time continuum, in the process causing some pretty massive destruction to the galaxy and Voyager...have I lost you yet?
I digress. Saturday my washing machine broke down. Bummer, it's the middle of a pretty major sports season (baseball, baseball, track, soccer) but oh well. Sunday I make an appt for the Sears guy to come look at the washer and the Boy starts complaining about headaches. I give him Tylenol and send him to bed. Monday I do laundry at the laundromat (do you know it costs $4 a load now? Yikes!), the Boy is home from school, and I take the Girl to the doctor for these crazy bumps all over her face (doc says is impetigo, prescribes ointment, and says Girl must stay home next day.) Tuesday Boy goes to school, Girl stays home with friend because I had to work, pick Boy up and he says he has both headaches and dizziness now. Wednesday I take Boy to doctor, doctor says he needs a CT scan. I spend next 5 hours on the computer and phone, trying to find out what it will cost us to get a CT Scan, and where it will be most affordable. Washer guy comes, looks at washer, tells me it will be $260 to fix washer (for labor!) and leaves. Toilet gets clogged. Diabetic cat goes into insulin crash...seriously, this all happened in one day. I got the maple syrup, got cat out of crash, started shaking like a come the panic attacks. Thursday, Boy is home again, take cat to the vet, $268 later find out she may not be diabetic anymore (WTF?) Still having anxiety attacks, and still looking for a new therapist. Friday morning we decide to take Boy for CT Scan. Sit for 3 hours waiting to get scan, then 5 more hours waiting to find out results. No masses, thankfully, possible anomalous reading of front part of brain, but probably nothing. He is still getting headaches, but not quite as bad, and the dizziness has subsided. I closed up the house to limit the allergens, and I'm keeping an eye on him. He's a young teen with bad allergies, it is more than likely related to one of those facts. But the scared mama still worries...
It seems obvious that I am going to have to learn to work through stress better. Anxiety attacks every time I have a little more stress than usual is not going to work. I have been so spoiled by my medication keeping me symptom free for years at a time...Ugh.
Here is a little something to amuse you:

Yes, you count FIVE cats. That is not even counting my possibly not diabetic cat, Bug, who is restricted to our room to monitor her diet. Here's another fun pic:

That is Gus on the left and Finnegan on the right, boxing. They do this constantly. Or they stalk each other and pounce, but they are not particularly good at it, as neither of them are particularly stealthy. So the cats are having a good time.

Anyway, gotta feed the Girl and go pick up my laundry from my friend's house, where I was washing it earlier. Yeah, the washer won't be fixed until Friday.