Thursday, September 2, 2010

thank*full Thursdays

Such a gratifying response to last week's post - and focusing on that which we are grateful for is healthy. So this week I am thank*full for:

1. Some good news at work. I don't know whether I can share yet, so I'll just say, I am pleased, and will share more next week.

2. A 4 day weekend. I love my job, but I'm pretty excited about lovely unstructured-ness.

3. My husband is home! He was in Argentina for work. Generally, I admit, I love his business trips since he doesn't travel much. I get the bed to myself, make the food he doesn't like, when I feel like it...but this time he was so far away. I was a little nervous, and I'm glad to have him home.

4. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser mop. Yes, I am thankful for a mop. I get this nasty black buildup under the table from the bottoms of my chairs (and yes, I have cleaned the bottoms of the chairs) and this mop cleans it, no scrubbing necessary. A lovely thing. What I'm not so thankful for is that the mop is only sold at the Target around here. I went to 3 different stores looking for the heads until I finally found them today. I look forward to mopping tomorrow. Good times.

5. We finished the whole "Six Feet Under" series last night. Wow, those last few episodes were seriously depressing. I sobbed during the 3rd to last. Then I had to watch the last two, so I was up after 2AM. It was definitely worth watching, although I have to agree with my friend S that the first few seasons were much better than the rest. Interestingly, I found myself alternately despising each of the main characters at varying times. It was odd actually wanting to spend the time to find out what happened to these people I despised. The acting was pretty freaking amazing by all, but Michael C. Hall was Brilliant. It is going to be odd watching him play the very definitely straight Dexter this fall. Can't wait for Dexter...


Amie said...

I thought the series finale of Six Feet Under was great...

Donna said...

1)patient husband
2)once again...nice lunch out with super friend
3)I got my hair cut OFF!!
4)a goodly supply of books to read
5)good friend that causes me to think each week on how thankful I am for the simple things in my life! thanks Missy!!
Today...Friday...found this too late on Thursday to comment in time! LOL

Donna said...

ahhh...also meant to say...I really like the Magic Eraser product!!

I agree with you about spousal trips that far away. I always felt that way too...the loving it, but being just a bit nervous when they're further away, or in an area that's not quite as safe as we'd like.

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