Friday, September 17, 2010

a few technical difficulties.

For some reason I started posting this long, happy post here, and I was super-pleased with it, and all of a sudden, it changed and I was posting to the Girl Scout blog, and what I was posting was not appropriate. Bad, Blogspot.

So, as I was saying...yesterday was kind of rotten, and I will share as soon as things are solidified, but for now, just know it was rotten. But I'm in a good mood today, and feeling the love:

I love my early mornings. Not the waking, waking sucks. But taking my coffee onto the porch, and inhaling the damp, cool, loveliness before anyone else wakes fantastic.

I love having lunch with a favorite friend. We had yummy Chinese next door and unloaded all the recent news...we aren't phone friends, so these lunches and crafty get togethers are the only times we really chat. Perfect lunch hour.

I'm loving this blog I've newly discovered - Pancakes and French Fries. She is so cute and funny, and I love reading her blog.

I love finding just the right thing for a person who is going through the most traumatic experience of her life. Today I found the right, most perfect wig for a patient, and I answered all her questions, and she was so happy when she left, she hugged me. I love those hugs.

So, there is a something happy in the rotten-ness today.


Donna said...

WTG on helping the person out with the wig...helping people feel better about themselves is a gift!

I'm also agreeing with you about the waking....and the coffee time with birds singing...

okkyluv kykyclalu said...

Sang tu ngoc said...

tai iwin - iwin - tai game iwin