Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling a bit chatty.

I woke up feeling bizarre - really spacey, fuzzy, kind of tense and sick. Realized I had skipped yesterday's mental meds - that's what I get for waking up a bit too late for breakfast, and having to run out to soccer game-new tires-posterboard pickup-etc...I've also been rather frazzled - it's been crazy! I'm starting back full time at work, which is a good thing, but also reason for a major schedule upheaval, since I never even got into a decent routine before. I have to, have to find a way to fit in exercize - I'm feeling rotten, and I know this will help. I finally finished going over annual reports for MOMS Club, which was kind of a big job, and will be bigger next year, since I've learned I will be coordinating for two new chapters soon. Our first Market day of the year is this Wednesday, I was receiving e-mail after e-mail about making calls and pushing the sale because we were so close to reaching a goal. And we need help with the sale and nobody is responding to help. Which is...frustrating. This week is busy - Girl Scouts, golf, soccer, baseball, Marketday, work...and I am the matron of honor (goddess of the universe) of my baby sister's wedding, and I am really stressing about it, which is silly - I mean, I already got married. But I want to help out and do a good job...and the shower is coming up way soon. Ugh.

Of course, today was actually quite lovely - I checked out a store I've been wanting to see, The Christmas Tree Store, which I assumed sold all Christmas stuff. It doesn't. And I went to Staples and Barnes and Noble (I started The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the other day, which is really good, but I have to return it to the library along with several others, and I figured I like it enough, so I bought it and the next one. Hooray for paperback!) And I went to David's Bridal, just to look around, and I think I found the dress I want for the wedding, which is good, since it is in 2 months. So, go productive me.

My brother keeps calling me pissy. The more he says that, the more I want to punch him.

I took a picture I enjoy last week - here, you enjoy it, now.

I've been having the most bizarre dreams lately. A very interesting recent one involved me watching the Emperor from Star Wars fighting the Jedi while I sat on the ground wrapped in his black wool cloak-thingy. I kept rooting for the Jedi, and after the Emperor won, he grabbed his cloak away from me and said, "thanks a lot." So Luke Skywalker gave me his. Apparently I was cold. Then I got up and went back to the all night crop I was at. Which is, apparently, where the dream got boring, according to my Boy, who was enjoying my retelling up to that point.


Donna said...

These trees make me think of my Daddy for one or more reasons..being a landscape architect he frequently talked business while at home...which meant trees...shapes and styles and habits of trees.

I do hope you're feeling better now?

Amie said...

There are many adjectives I could think of to describe you, dear cousin, but "prissy" would not be among them.

Sang tu ngoc said...

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