Wednesday, February 17, 2010

30 Days of Beauty: 1-6

February is not my favorite month. I don't like the cold, the wet, the is the shortest month of the year, and it doesn't feel like it. Add to that, we've had record snowfall this year, and snow day after snow day. My children are not quiet on the best of days, but lock them in the house, together, for days at a time...Mama has a headache. A bad one.

So Erin over at Blue Bird Baby challenged her readers to find "30 Days of Beauty" - document photographically the beauty in winter. I've, as always, taken my own sweet time uploading my photos, so this post will show several of those moments of beauty.

Nothing like curling up with a good book on a cold day. I'm so glad my kids love to read as much as I do.

This is just not as much fun on the grass.

Taken the same day at the same park. It's just pretty.

Cream of chicken and wild rice soup with warm bread at Panera. Eaten with a friend near the fireplace. I love soup, but it just isn't the same during the summer.

We got over a foot of snow over the weekend, and then several more inches the past few days. Sunday it was all sunny and sparkly - I tried to capture the sparkles. It really was lovely.

Check out the pink cheeks. They were sledding and playing outside for 3 hours today. Which made for a lovely, quiet house. Don't be fooled by the Monkey's sour look - he just does that to irritate me when I'm taking pictures. He was in a particularly cheerful mood.

So there we are - 6 lovely winter images so far. I'll take more tomorrow. Have a lovely, warm, evening.