Monday, February 8, 2010

Reasons to do a happy dance...

There are so many things putting me in a good mood today:

1. I was officially offered a position as office assistant at the American Cancer Society. This is a job I was very excited about, and of course, I accepted. So, there is one goal for the year ticked off the list. Yay!

2. Bug's blood sugar was lowered significantly last week. We get a two week reprieve from the vet.

3. The Girl finished all her Valentines yesterday. When MonkeyButt was her age, I had to beg him to do a little each day. The Girl is excited to write!

4. I wandered around Barnes and Noble for an hour, uninterrupted, tonight. I didn't buy anything, which was not for lack of choices, but it was lovely to wander among books for an hour. Next I'll be off to update my Amazon wish list so I don't forget the books I want to own.

5. Breakfast with friends tomorrow, coffee with friends on Wednesday, lunch with friends Thursday, party with friends Friday. I'm feeling so socially acceptable.

Now let's hope it doesn't snow tonight. Both my kiddles are wearing their pajamas inside-out tonight (apparently this appeases the snow-day gods.) I am doing my "no snow" dance. I love the kids, but they have a day off next week.


Donna said...

Congrats on that job!!

It's a week later now...where are the snow photos? Valentine's Day?

I also enjoy browsing book stores...however, I rarely make lists of books anymore...wonder why? I used to...

Amie said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for jobage! And all that other stuff.

Sang tu ngoc said...

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