Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Corners of my life

This is not my idea - I think I first saw this on Soulemama's blog, and then somewhere else - anyway I just love to share the more mundane, and yet blissful parts of my life and space. So here is one of my favorites:

This is my chaise lounge. I inherited it from my grandparent's home - where it happily occupied a corner of the screened in porch, providing an ideal napping space for years. It is on my back porch, and is one of my favorite spots for reading, napping, thinking, snuggling. My Girl and I dragged it onto the driveway and watched the Perseids together. When it's chilly I wrap myself in a blanket and drink hot tea on it. I hope it gives me many more years of comfy service.

The hat is a great source of embarrassment for my brother, as I wear it to do yardwork, go to the pool, etc. My kids don't care, and my son is in middle school - the time most ripe for embarrassment caused by parents. So, too bad for my brother.

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