Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It is Thursday again, and again, I am thankful for much.

1. This fun book I'm reading. It is called Crafternoon, by Maura Madden. First of all, I want the author to be my bff. She is quite clever, and very funny, and I think we would hit it off - call me, Maura! Second, being quite the social butterfly myself, but not exactly a hard partier, her idea for a monthly gathering with friends, food, and craft suit me to a tee. I love to craft - I am not particularly great at it - but I love to do it, and the more I can learn the better. She suggests a theme for each month of the year, from Valentines to jewelry to clay, some project ideas, food ideas, ways to invite people...but she then leaves the whole thing open to host and guest interpretation. Great book, and I know I would love to start hosting the occasional Crafternoon myself.

2. A beautiful day spent outside with my kids, and other people's kids, and my brother. For whom I am also thankful. Because he is just fantastic. And very good to my kids.

3. The sweet smell of a spring rainstorm. Which will then usher in some cold, icky weather. But we'll focus on the sweet smell for now.

4. Wheat Thins Fiber Selects Garden Vegetable flavor. 5 grams of fiber per serving, and they are so tasty. They don't get weird powdery residue all over my scrapbooking stuff, either. I'm all over a good scrap snack.

5. How I Met Your Mother. That show is just so freaking funny. You know, Neil Patrick Harris, who is just fabulous on his own, plays this womanizing playboy in the show (though in his own endearing way), and wasn't I just tickled to see him playing a shy, dorky type who kills women in an attempt to keep them in yesterday's Law and Order: Criminal Intent? Yes. I was. He is just so adorable, sociopath or no sociopath.

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