Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, darn if I'm not having trouble coming up with something to write about this week. I'm chatty enough, just not bloggy enough. So I thought I'd just write, stream of consciousness-like, and see what comes out.

My kids are on spring break. I love my kids, but they argue so much. What on earth do kids so far apart in age have to argue about, for crying out loud. And I really want to. Cry out loud, I mean. I've been trying to start each day with yoga - at least sun salutations. This morning the Monkeybutt joined me at the end of my sun salutations, and did tree, plank, down dog - until the Girlchild arrived and jumped on him. Then my calming, start the day out right yoga session turned into a screaming wrestling match. So I left them to their daily plunder and took a shower.
I need to save money. A lot of it. I'm hoping to make a substantial dent in our credit card debt before the end of summer. I'm going to have to start working after the Girlchild starts 1st grade, but if I can curb our spending severely, I may be able to stick to part time work, and be home with the kiddles after school. That would be ideal. So I took out some cash today and told the kids that was it for the week - no credit cards, no more cash. If they wanted something, it would come out of something else. I read something on the Mothering website about spend-free months - where you buy nothing but the necessities. Huh.
My mom gave me a nifty new plastic cabinet-shelf thingy today for my craft space. I love organizational tools. I'm not sure what it will hold yet - stamps? paper? So many possibilities! I can only gaze upon it lovingly and ponder for now, but as soon as I figure out its home and use, I will let you all know.
I really need to learn some new skills. I really should get off here on occasion and, you know, take out the sewing machine and learn to thread it or something. I visit all these crafty-lady blogs and desperately want to knit socks or sew costumes, and I don't know how.
Today I spent the entire afternoon cleaning. I dusted, decluttered, picked up, scrubbed and organized. All the while to my MP3 player on shuffle (best present ever, by the way). I have all three Franz Ferdinand albums on there right now, and I'm so digging their funky music. They're performing in Columbus in May - I so want to go...
Time to get off here and do something productive - or just go to bed.

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