Monday, January 12, 2009

My family is bizarre...

Some rather quirky developments around here (they are television related, which is probably bad, but anyway...):

1. The Studmuffin has developed an odd addiction to the show Wife Swap. He gets home from work at 5-ish, and switches on Lifetime - yes, television for women - to get his daily dose. I certainly did not foresee my generally arrogant, tv-snob husband becoming a fan. I don't even really like it (although I found myself hooked this evening when the rancher husband from Deleware actually punched the other husband in the nose. Ah, the drama.)

2. The GirlChild enjoys The Price is Right! I don't think she really even gets the show - she just likes all the excited freaky people "coming on down." She generally tries to catch the last half hour just before catching the bus to school.

Ok, that's really it for now. I have to get upstairs to catch my weekly dose of hottie-trainer guy from Diet Tribe. I'll try to blog about something interesting next time. But, come on. All of you who know the StudMuffin have to be wiggin' about the Wife Swap thing.

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Donna said...

What an unusual choice, but I've caught my own stopping through his mindless clicking to visit this show awhile,'s usually the drama that captures his attention, also...LOL