Monday, July 28, 2008

Family of Phlegm

It's been a rough couple of weeks, my friends. We attended my youngest brother's wedding the beginning of the month. It was fun, but on the ride home, the girl child started coughing. I thought, perhaps, she had inherited my dog allergies, which would bite. When I took her to the doctor the next week, she said she was wheezing and prescribed two inhalers and some allergy medicine. The girl child was not cooperative when it came time to use the inhalers. I literally had to wrestle her to the ground and pin her down while forcing her to breathe in the medicine. This was not a fun activity, and I started having panic attacks afterwards. She did start taking the inhaler better after a few days of wresting. That weekend we attended StudMuffin's company picnic, which was good fun - well it was hot, and I hate the Tilt-a-Whirl.
Anyway, MonkeyButt developed a cough, I developed a cough...This past weekend the girl child and I drove up with my mom to our family reunion in Columbus. Also good fun, although it was tempered with some sadness - my mom's cousin passed away on Wednesday so we went to the wake yesterday. I'm hoping that as I hugged and kissed multiple family members, I didn't pass on the germ that has slowly taken over my family - we all have bronchitis. Ugh. I haven't slept in a few days with all the coughing, but my doc gave me good drugs today, so we should be sleeping happily tonight.
I have some new pics to post so I'll get on that - you all have a pleasant evening.


writtenexpressions said...

Thanks a lot Typhoid Cousin! Having been on the receiving end of at least a few of those hugs, if I get sick . . . I'm showing up on your doorstep to be taken care of.

Kidding . . .

hi_missy said...

Sorry, sweet cousin. I will take care of you.