Friday, June 13, 2008

A great new childcare option for northern Kentucky!

My good friend Tiffany has been working on this really cool project, and it has just opened - Skidaddles is a drop-in daycare; a safe and fun place to leave your kids whether you are going to work or just out to dinner. It is something we don't have here, and it is something we need, as this is a very transient area and not everybody has family in the area. I brought my daughter to check it out last week, and there is so much to do. There is a theater area, dress up, games and books, arts and crafts, Wii and computer stations - and it is so colorful and fun, I wanted to move in. There will even be a preschool curriculum - a place to learn and have fun!
Skidaddles opened this past Wednesday! I am just so excited for Tiffany - she has worked extremely hard for this, and it is so very cool. I hope anyone in the area in need of a facility like this checks it out.

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writtenexpressions said...

That's a great idea! If I a) lived in northern Kentucky and b) had kids, I'd be all over that! I wish your friend luck!

(this is your favorite cousin by the way)