Thursday, June 5, 2008

Catching Up Part II: Let the ennui begin

To quote the immortal Alice Cooper, "school's out for summer." Of course, Mr. Cooper, along with most of America's children, sang these lyrics with glee. I do not. I happen to like school. I like my kids being in school. I like the few hours a week I get alone while my children are in school. We have only just finished our second day of summer break, and I have heard the complaints, "we're bored", "you never take us to the pool", and "are we ever going to do anything fun?" The last I answered with a definitive "no!"
As most of you know, both of my children will be starting pretty major years in August, which means we had to face "graduations." I know many who agree with me when I say, how freaking ridiculous is it that we celebrate "graduations" with ceremonies for the end of preschool and 5th grade. The preschool that we went to didn't do so badly, actually, they sang a few songs, got little certificates, and went on their merry way. My neighbor actually had to purchase a cap and gown for her little 5 year-old cherub to march down the aisle in.
The 5th grade "ceremony" was cheesy beyond belief. They had an airplane theme, and they ushered the 5th graders in with the lights off, using those orange flashlights they use to direct planes on the tarmac. They announced each segment as a flight attendant or pilot announces flight information. All awards were given to girls. They ended the event with a slide show (which was little more than flashing the kids' school pictures up on the gym wall to music), set to music from "High School Musical" and Hannah Montana. I will discuss my desire to maim somebody everytime I am subjected to cutesy bubblegum pop music sung by teeny boppers at another time. I did, however, rejoice when I caught my son rolling his eyes at the beginning of "We're All in This Together". My son has some musical taste, thankfully.
At any rate, Monkeybutt is now out of elementary school, and looking forward to middle school. Miss Girl Child is anxiously awaiting August, and the beginning of elementary school. Honestly, so am I. I think, though, once we get past this initial week, the summer should prove a bit more enjoyable. We have bestest friends coming to visit from Texas, Monkeybutt has camp, both kids have golf and other activities...and I INTEND to instill routines and learning opportunities in our lives this summer. If anyone has any ideas to help me with this, I will gladly welcome them.

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Jenn said...

Sounds like DC was a lot of fun. I'm with you on the cheesiness of young graduations. I think we should honor achievements and milestones, but with not in a cheesy way. What's wrong with a brief remembering of years past with a certificate? Save the big deal for high school - when it will mean a lot more!!