Friday, February 1, 2008

Science Fair Fun

So, today was the science fair at Monkeybutt's school. He and Studmuffin built a contraption to test how changing the shape of an object changes its drag. They used the blower for our air mattresses and PVC pipe - everything they do uses that blower and PVC pipe. And duct tape. Gotta love duct tape.

Anyway, you can probably guess (since MB's 10 and all) who came up with that particular idea-my studly engineer of a husband. They put together the idea, and then SM started in on MB for not just jumping in and doing the project. He didn't even know what drag was, let alone how to build a contraption to test it. So they finally started building and experimenting last weekend, just in time to completely stress me out over whether or not he would get it done in time. He wrote the paper two nights ago. I wonder where this procrastinating streak comes from (says the girl who once sat up all night to type a 20-page term paper - the only assignment for the entire class, and one we had had three months to complete.)

Anyway, here are some photos from the project. Here's hoping the judges see the genius....

MB dropped an object (marble, golf tee, small disc) into the top of the pipe. He then marked the spot where the the object hovered. He compared the measurements to determine how shape affected the drag on said objects.

Edited to add: Whoohoo! He placed 2nd!


Jenn said...

Congrats to MB and SM!!!! That's wonderful. Great job by both! And to Mom too for surviving the whole ordeal. :-)

Donna said...

Fantastic!! There's no way this could have been something I'd have come in the running on...I don't think my science skill left 2nd grade! I'm always so impressed whenever I encounter smart kids!! WTG MB

Prima Favorita said...

I think the only science fair project I ever did was to see the effect of environment on mold spores. I put sliced bread in various places (the only ones I remember were kitchen cabinet and under my bed). I must have neglected to tell my mom, however, because she threw away the cabinet bread the day before the project was due.