Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Update on Bug

This is Bug and Eddy (Bug is the white and brown in front) in the dryer.

I'm going to start writing these like I have millions of readers hanging on with bated breath for my next installment...

For those of you wondering about my sweet Buggy, I took her to the vet today. She seems to have something called "fatty liver", which is the replacement of regular liver tissue by fatty tissue, caused by her refusal to eat. She was jaundiced and dehydrated, and the only way to reverse the illness is to force feed her. She is staying overnight at the vet being rehydrated and force fed, and then she will be coming home to be force fed by us every 2-3 hours. My poor Monkeybutt was actually in tears at the vet; I felt so bad. Seriously guilty, honestly, I can't believe I let this poor cat get so sick. I just kept hoping we could find some way to make her eat...At any rate, please send healthy thoughts for our sweet cat. I know not everyone thinks of their pets this way, but we are very attached to our cats - it would be a truly horrible thing to lose her.


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