Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Whole 30 Results and Day 1 Reintroduction

Oh! Hello!I'm Missy. You may remember me from such places as...this blog. Facebook. And the drunk chick at last year's Halloween party.

So, you're probably wondering how I did over the past 30 days. I should probably have something slightly more interesting that just weights, but that is what I have. This is rather insane, as I am about to post my actual weight on a public space, but let's face it - nobody who knows me is under any impression that I am a slender woman, so, why not be honest here.

Starting weight (January 2): 288.0 lbs.
Whole 30 start (January 30): 282.6 lbs.
Whole 30 end (March 1): 271.4

Today was day 1, reintroduction. I added black beans to my breakfast soup, and I had hummus and veggies at lunch. But then.

Ok, so, let me explain. Today was my first day after 30 days of restriction, and one of the girls in the office, not just any girl, but the resident baking girl, brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies on the first day I was allowed sugar after 30 days...I had 1. I know! I know I said I wouldn't the first day, but it was like...a sign?

So I did have one cookie. But let's reiterate that - I had 1. Cookie. And I sniffed it, and ate it slowly with a very lovely ginger peach green tea, and I enjoyed every bite. And I didn't go get another.

I'm going to count that as a win.

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