Sunday, January 24, 2016

So, this is what I did this week...

Hello, my friends, hello.
It started out such a good, productive week, what with my going to boot camp, and eating well, and putting away laundry, and doing my job without whining, and I really was feeling pretty good. Wednesday evening I went to Classics Book Club. It was a movie night, and I have now added "On The Waterfront" to my classic movie repertoire.

It was a decent movie, although I wasn't in much of a movie-watching mood, to which my friends can attest, as I spent the whole time chattering. In my defense, my friend is pregnant, and she wanted to talk to me, too. And I'm pretty sure the rest could hear...

Thursday morning, I woke up wheezing, terribly. That went on most of the day, and around 10, I started running a fever. That continued off and on until Saturday morning. I was achy and lethargic, and I felt awful. One of my coworkers was sweet enough to be concerned, which is lovely. Everyone likes to feel taken care of.

Anyway, because I was feeling so awful, I did not end up going to my daughter's volleyball tournament this weekend. She and her dad were gone for the weekend, and I spent Friday evening until Saturday afternoon watching Criminal Minds with my brother and sleeping and drinking endless cups of Yogi Respiratory Care tea. I felt much better Saturday afternoon, although I still am not breathing well, and went to visit my mom, and then hang out with another group of superhero women friends. We were supposed to have a girl's weekend away this weekend, but with the threat of snowmageddon, which apparently skipped us and doubled its efforts before hitting east, and invalid status, we postponed the trip (Ladies, Weekend of Debauchery 2016 will happen, and it will be spectacular!) So one of them shipped her people out for the night, and we went over there. I only stayed a few hours to nosh and have one margarita, and make my newest best friend, a dog named Spike, who has decided I am a princess, and who am I to dissuade him? We had a great time, but what with my wheezing, and my rather severe asthmatic reaction to dogs, I needed to leave and hopefully learn to breathe again. I am still working on it - this is rather uncomfortable.

Today I spent the day going to the grocery, meeting with some boot camp friends to discuss health stuff, and food prep. I roasted veggies, made a big pot of my tortilla soup, and roasted 2 chickens with other veggies, and froze the carcasses so I can make broth next weekend. My house smells like heaven.

Next Monday I am starting Whole 30. I promised my friends from last night that I would blog about it. There are 1000 people who blog about this, but, well, you know me, and you know I have a little problem with commitment, so it might be a little more fun to read about my particular adventures with this eating plan. I will give all the details next Sunday, as well as do some serious food prep. Thank goodness we don't have a tournament next weekend.

Alrighty, so, have a good day. Wish me luck that I get my lungs cleared out without any medical participation. I am going to boot camp tomorrow, but I'll have to take it easy for a few days or so until I can breathe hard without hacking up a lung. I'm going to drink tea and read another chapter - I am finally reading Fried Green Tomatoes (I love Fannie Flagg), and listening to Nick Offerman's Gumption. What are your reading? Inquiring minds want to know...

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