Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting comfy

It's been months. When I have the time, I don't feel inspired, and when I feel inspired, I don't have the time. But today's weather is inspiring, and I have the time, so it is all falling into place.

Don't get me wrong, I love warm weather, and swimming, and sunshine, and all of that, but nothing is more comforting than the things we do to make ourselves warm in cold weather. Sweaters and blankets and warm socks, hot tea and soup and oatmeal for breakfast. An extra cup of coffee and hot pumpkin bread just out of the oven. I wish I had a fireplace, which is funny, as I had a fireplace in our condo in Illinois, and rarely lit it. But now, all I want to do is snuggle up by the fireplace with my book and my tea.

I've been posting a lot of photos to Facebook lately since I got my nifty new phone (with a better camera than my "good" camera.) Here's a fun one of my two guys - see how they are pretty much the same person? They were not posing.

Still working the boot camp. This past week was a wash - it was an off week, although several of the instructors still led classes. But the first two days my family was in town, and then I just kept not going. I have no excuses, and Monday is going to be tough because of my lazy, but I am not going to let this go again. I've been feeling way too good to let it all slip away. Cooler packing has been a big part of the "Let's get Missy healthy" movement:
When I take the time to plan my meals and snacks on Sunday, the week goes well. Otherwise, hello white cheddar popcorn and Pepsi. I don't pack my dinners (although I did on this day), but as long as I plan for the dinner, I do fine. I have to credit Tammy from for the help with this - planning and organizing is so crucial to success with everything, and health is no different.

The kids are fine - the Boy is applying for colleges, and the girl is playing sports and doing very well in school, and singing in choir, and playing clarinet, and all the other things a girl who enjoys being active in school does. My job is going well, although I really need more hours in the day, but don't we all?

I will try my darndest to get on here and say something fascinating a little more often, but for now, I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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