Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some things of which to be proud

I title this post thusly mainly because of one story I really want to tell, and my friend Sarah (holler Sarah!) told me I should write about it here.  I haven't pulled completely out of my pea soup fog, but I'm feeling a bit clearer.  I had a good week at work, I met some really lovely people (A's cousin is a sweetheart), an excellent therapy session on Monday, and this happened last Saturday...

I would like to preface this story with two points: 1.  I realize this would not be a big hairy deal to most people.  2.  I am non-confrontational - to a fault.  It takes a lot for me to open my mouth and speak up, much less to get in someone's face.

The Girl is playing basketball for a good team.  Admittedly, we are rarely on "the good team" so this is kind of a nice change of pace for us.  It is a feeder team for an AAU team, so all the girls are pretty into basketball, and really like to play.  We were up 18-0, and a guy sitting behind us says "This is bullsh*t."  Guy sitting next to me turns around, shoots a dirty look, and turns back.  Guy 1 says something along the lines of "yeah, you can look at me."  Guy 2 "Yeah, I looked at you.  What's the big deal, they're little girls, having fun."  Guy 1 "I don't know how much fun you would have, losing 18-0 every week."  And they start getting in each other's faces, yelling, and the f-word starts being dropped, a lot.  I look behind me at the little boys staring, wide-eyed.  And I stand up, insert myself between the two guys, and yell "sit down and shut up!  There are little kids here!  What is wrong with you!"  Heehee, they looked all chastened and apologized.  Obviously these were not scary gang members or anything, but this was kind of a big step for meek little me.  I felt kind of...empowered...after that.  And the mom of the little boys thanked me.

I am also rather proud of the fact that, despite my rather grinchy attitude as of late, I have been all festive and social on not one, but two occasions this week.  And I was only paid on one of those occasions (and it was still kind of fun, if exhausting.)

I'm not sure what made this week's therapy session so good, exactly, but I have been feeling better - more in control - since.  She gave me a packet from an anxiety workbook to do before our next session, so I even have a concrete assignment to work through.  I'll tell you all more about it when I read it.

So there we are...a little more upbeat this week.  Snuggles and love to you all...

There is something about Snoopy that always puts me in a good mood.  I can't be Grinchy around Snoopy.

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Jen said...

Good for you, woman! You did the right thing, and you did it in the right way. It IS empowering to change your environment for the better. I'm proud of you, too.