Sunday, November 18, 2012

I really just want to share this picture

Hello and a very happy Sunday, my friends.  Check out the awesomeness my son found at the local flea market.  Apparently, they are my Christmas presents. 

He never even saw "X-Files."  Well, he doesn't remember, anyway.  I loved Agent Mulder.  David Duchovny is kind of skeazy, but Agent Mulder - all clean-cut and intense - yummy.   
Anyway, such is the vein of thought for the evening.  I am not feeling particularly deep and meaningful here.  Some interesting points of the past week:
-My husband and kids went out of town for the day yesterday to see the U of I football game.  I went to the Ryle Craft Show, had lunch with my mom, and hung around, blissfully alone.  It was lovely.
-My orange cat just fell asleep sitting up.  He started snoring and everything.  He is so very old.
-I burned my upper arm on the tea kettle tonight while reaching for a jar of marshmallow fluff.  It was a dumb move, and now I have a nasty burn on a particularly delicate part of my arm.  Ouch.
-I will, once again, call your attention to my supercool Mulder and Scully action figures.  I think I will put them in a bird cage/love nest where they can be together forever, safe from aliens and sinister government operatives.
-My classics book club, of which I have become increasingly fond, has decided to add a classic movie-watching night on our off months.  This week we will be viewing "To Kill a Mockingbird" and I am thrilled.  It is a favorite book, and I'm told Gregory Peck is brilliant. 
Yeah, I really have nothing tonight.  I need some inspiration, or maybe some sleep.  Plus, I'm in the middle of a really good book and I need to get back upstairs to read.  Sleep well, lovelies.  I'll try for more intriguing material next time.

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Jen said...

Gregory Peck IS brilliant in TKaM. Great book, great film.