Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thank*full Thursday

It's a bit early in the morning for this, but why not start the day off on the right foot. Besides, apparently it's National Blog Posting Month, so I should really be posting more.
Today I am thank*full for:
1. My daughter and her crazy ideas. She was the one who suggested I dress up like her dad for Halloween. The costume was a hit, even with him. He was amused.
2. 15 years with my guy. He got me a Kindle for our anniversary (which was yesterday) which is just proof that he actually listens to me occasionally.
3. Pixie twinlet nieces to cuddle and coo. I would be over there playing with them every minute if I could.
4. Coffee and good friends. I spent a very lovely morning chatting with some favorite friends over a mocha and muffin.
5. I'm sorry, it's early, I didn't get enough sleep, and I haven't had any coffee yet. My brain just quit working. I'll be thankful more later. With it being November, a month for Thanksgiving, people are posting gratitude status updates at Facebook, which is a nice way to end the day.
I'm going to go make coffee, before I forget my name.


Amie said...

Tease out that wig a bit, and next year you can go as Bob Ross!

hi_missy said...

Actually, that was my original plan, but my girl really wanted me to go as her dad.

Mary Beth said...

That is a delightful list. The kindle sounds so nice. Enjoy!

When We Dance said...

hello november ^_^