Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Very Busy Week: Pictorial Review

This past week has been full and way fun. I thought you all might enjoy some pictures of the various activities:
Last week we attended our town's second annual Fall for All festival. Crafts and kid's activities, pumpkins, costume contests, bonfire, and food make up the festivities, plus a hay ride to FarmHaven, where you can pet a llama, play in the straw, tour a real log cabin, feed cows, and go through a corn maze. We love FarmHaven.

This is the baby llama. The farmer said he doesn't have a name yet, so I have named him Paco. The farmer doesn't like the name, apparently, as he just smiles indulgently every time I suggest it, but I think he looks like a Paco, don't you?
I got to spend a few days snuggling and gabbing with my favorite twin pixie nieces. I like to nuzzle their bellies and nibble the sweet meat behind their necks. They indulge me, mainly because they're too small to fight me off. Haha!
Tuesday night was pumpkin carving night. The Boy made another El Gapo - he just cannot carve mouths, it always looks like plastic surgery gone wrong. His is the one on the far left, mine is in the middle (it's supposed to be a skull, and it kind of looks like it in the dark when it's lit up) and the Girl's is the right one.
Friday was my Girl's 9th birthday. My favorite little surprise has grown up to be quite the lovely lady.
A very talented friend took pictures of the kiddles yesterday at Dinsmore Homestead in Burlington. It was an absolutely gorgeous place and the pictures are amazing. I wandered around taking pictures of the grounds during the shoot. I really need to mess with the settings on my camera, though - I haven't figured out how to balance the light well on a very bright day. It all comes out looking whitewashed.
Last night some of the family came over to sing happy birthday to the girl. Another very talented friend made the cake, starring the Girl's favorite animal - the flamingo! Gorgeous.
Tomorrow is Halloween, and I need to spend today prodding the Girl to write thank you notes and finishing her costume. I'm kind of wiped from the last weekend, so I'm glad for a day at home. Happy Sunday!

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Amie said...

If that was an alpaca instead of a llama, you could make a case for naming it "Al Paco"