Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Year of Choice

I love a good blog challenge as much as the next person but Erin over at Bluebird Baby must have been spying through my windows lately when she came up with her own Year of Choice challenge for this year. Because in the past month I have been choosing to live more consciously- conscious of my own health and well-being, conscious of my attitude when I am with my kids, conscious of the way I behave when I am with friends. I'm tired of being snarky and irritated, and I truly believe these are the choices I need to make.

I've begun this conscious living choice with exercize. I have woken up each day and, rather than swearing at the alarm clock, gotten up and exercized. And what a difference in my sense of well-being just that change has made - more energy, more strength. I've been choosing water over soda (which is tough for me, let me tell you) and fruit and almonds over chips. Not always - sometimes I'm making the conscious choice to eat chocolate, but the choice is conscious, and that's the point.

Today, after nearly 2 hours of lovely, sweaty, butt-shaking Zumba, The Girl and I made Valentines. She has been asking, and today was the day. It was crafty and lovely.

Ooh, and I chose to let my husband do the cooking. Yum.


Amie said...

And what did he cook?

hi_missy said...

He made a Hungarian Beef stew from PBS's America's Test Kitchen. It has quickly become a family favorite. Yum.

Kat~Eye said...

What a great attitude! I wake up every morning telling myself, today I am going to make a change. Start being Healthy and have a positive attitude! It is a hard thing to do, I go to bed thinking OK tomorrows a new day, I will start then. What an inspiration to know that you started your goal and you are following threw~

Um brasileiro said...


Amie said...

I just looked at a pic and description of the stew on the America's Test Kitchen web site--aside from what it's served over, it looks and sounds a lot like beef paprikash!

lookearn said...

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