Monday, November 29, 2010


It has been a busy weekend, and I did not get a chance to post a thankful list for last Thursday, which is terrible, considering it was Thanksgiving. So, here, in all its belated glory:

1. Neosporin: Last night I was helping my brother move some stuff to his car, and my Finnegan cat got out. Being a kitty of the night, he disappeared in the dark. I saw him dart across the porch. Bending over to grab him, I ran full-tilt and head-first into the gate latch. It was pretty nasty - hurt like a mother, and bled everywhere. I slowed the bleeding and iced it for an hour, then took some ibuprofen and washed the matted blood out of my hair, thinking that was fine. Today, it continued to slowly bleed, so when I went to the doc (first case of bronchitis in a long while) I asked him if I needed stitches. After exclaiming "ewww," he said nobody could stitch it as there was a chunk missing. To which I responded, "ewww." Anyway, it's sore, but I'll live. And hopefully, the Neosporin will keep it from getting infected.

2. Sleepytime tea. Makes me feel better during this occasional bouts of bronchitis.

3. My local library, and the piles of books I checked out this weekend. Happy reading time ahead.

4. A lovely Thanksgiving. It was a chaotic, crowded madhouse, but so lovely. My dad and his wife came down from Chicago, my sister, her husband, and stepson came over, as well as my mom and brother. I cooked a massive amount of food, which all turned out pretty freaking good, if I do say so myself. We spent the rest of the weekend catching up and chilling. It was a weekend of family and happy.

5. And finally and brother got a job! He is now an attorney in central Illinois. It was quick - he got the job last week and started today. We are so happy and proud, but we already miss him. So Yay! for him!

This picture was taken during the Girl's birthday in 2006. Cheerful, no?

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Donna said...

ouch!!!! Hope you're healing??!!!

for some reason I was expecting a photo of this Thanksgiving with your family, though this one of A's b'day is very cheerful.