Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look What I Did!

It's Done!

1 year and 4 months after I started it, The Scarf That Swallowed My Cats is finished, and ready to wear - as modeled by my cold-fairing brother here.
It was a great way to keep my hands busy - when I remembered to pick it up. My cats love laying on it, as evidenced by the many cat hairs that bespeckle my blanket - I mean, scarf.

The holes are actually not where I dropped stitches, at least, not all of them. Most are a result of a combination of cat love, weak yarn, and my pulling too hard as I knit. Now I need to learn a different stitch, besides knit. But aren't the colors pretty?

And yes, it is mammoth, but I'm a big girl. I need a big scarf.


A girl and three boys said...


Amie said...

I'm cracking up at my cousin's/your brother's's like the clothing version of a mullet. Winter up top, summer on the bottom.

Donna said...

great job!!