Friday, June 11, 2010

Sharing the love

Today was a good day, and I feel I should share some of those things that made it good, so maybe you can go make a good day for yourselves:

1. The Girl Child loved loved loved soccer camp this week. She came back smiling and wanting to show me what she learned every day.

2. Getting a not-so-irritating song stuck in my head. Generally my earworms are of the annoying sort, but today's was "Rollercoaster" as performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Could be much worse.

3. Had an awesome night hanging out with some of my girls last night. It kind of reminded me of a 7th grade slumber party with all the crying, but the crying was due to too much wine and warm feelings, not nastiness. It was a lovely evening.

4. Mid-afternoon thunderstorm. I LOVE a good thunderstorm.

5. McDonald's vanilla soft serve on a cone. My favorite hot weather treat. mmmmmm...I ate so many when I was pregnant with the Girl, I'm a little surprised she didn't come out with a little twist on top.

And now we embark upon another weekend. I WILL sleep past 6:30AM.