Sunday, March 14, 2010

I do more before 8...

My husband has been teasing me a bit about the fact that I don't leave until 7:50AM and he has to leave at 7:15. I also get up at 5:45, which he doesn't understand. So here is what I accomplish before I leave for work:

1. Shower
2. Dressed
3. hair and make-up
4. coffee and breakfast
5. unload dishwasher
6. Reload dishwasher
7. Wipe down counters
8. wipe floor
9. Fold and put away a load of laundry
10. Feed and give Bug insulin shot
11. Feed other cats
12. Get Girl up and dressed
13. Make Girl breakfast
14. Pick up living room
15. Pack Girl's lunch, get school stuff together.
16. Scrape my car (I have to park outside.)
17. Pack my own lunch.
18. Pack my gear
19. Get dinner stuff ready
20. Out the door and to work

Husband does:
1. shower
2. dress
3. drink some of the coffee I made
4. Out the door.



Donna said...

I wouldn't mind it if you moved in with me for awhile and continued your routines!! LOL Sure would help!!

Amie said...

5:45?!?!? OMG that would kill me...I get up at 7:40 to be to work by 8:45...